Defend your core!  Looks best full screen.

Ok, so you can't defend your core at the moment.  This is an UNFINISHED project.   

Whats completed:

You can rotate the shield.  The cores charge up.  The turret upgrades, and some back end stuff like damage.

Gameplay:  Turrets go clockwise on a ouroboros ring of terror.  You must protect your core buy launching concussion and/or EMP projectiles while rotating your shield which malfunctions from time to time.   To win you must fully charge your core, of which you start at 50%.

    As the turrets go round, they charge up fusion coils.  If you disable a turret before it reaches the ReGen station, you receive the charge from the fusion coils and gain charge once the turret reaches the ReGen station.  Once the dead turret is in the ReGen station, it is reborn, and its difficulty level is reset.
    If you leave a turret alive, and they reach max charge, they get upgraded in the ReGen station, and become more powerful.  The upgrade is indicated by a change in charge color to the fusion coils.  The upgrade also increase the amount of charge in the fusion coils, so letting a few turrets scrape by can boost your core charge. 

I tried to tackle two elements of this them.   Infinity, and death brings life.  
Infinity:  The endless loop of turrets pounding your core.
Death Brings Life:  A destroyed turret brings you life/charge.  And, the turret is reborn to pummel some more.

Sorry its not done.  I had some things to take care of so I didn't get started until Saturday afternoon.  I plan to finish the project and publish in "feedback" in the discord channel.

  - GoblinCoin


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the creater is my coooooool uncle

Nice screensaver

Ok, serious feedback. It's too bad it's not finished enough to experience the core game but I'll go by what your description describes. I like the idea of the turrets never being entirely destroyed but you benefit from disabling them. Your description doesn't mention what happens if you fail to defend the core and I think that could have been a good opportunity to implement the "death brings life" part of the theme in a new way.

Thanks for the feedback! Especially for a screensaver ; )
You will have a charge meter in the right panel that starts at 50%.  When you take damage, the meter goes down, and as disabled turrets pass through the  ReGen station, the meter goes up.  So it becomes a fight to find the balance to allow your meter to slowly move up to full charge.  Which then you would win the game.